French wave windsurfer Yann Rifflet released his “best wave action of 2019” from Ibiraquera, Brazil. 

Yann Rifflet: I am still trying to build the image of a FREERIDER in the windsurfing industry, which is not so common compared to other extreme sports like surfing, snowboarding, skiing or skateboarding and I like to define it like this : A FREERIDER is practicing his sport outside of any formal setting. It is usually associated with large natural spaces and the absence of competitions.

Yann is going to move to his second home to Ibiracasa, to catch the best wind and wave season and run his little camp there. His level in waves is great and he knows the spots around Ibiraquera very well, where Kauli Seadi grew up.


Yann Rifflet’s best wave windsurfing action from Ibiraquera, Brazil filmed in 2019

Filmed by Diego Martins