Yann Rifflet and Leysa Perotti are a passionate windsurfing couple, who met in Maui and now live their dream in Brazil. They always said good bye Europe – Leysa is from Argentina, but lived with Yann in France during the European spring/summer season and ran a Sushi restaurant – when the cold period started and escaped to Ibiraquera, where the waves are breaking. Last year they sold their Sushi restaurant in France and now live in Brazil 6 -7 months in a year. They decided to give an inside view to their life in Brazil and release a video series. This is their first episode, realized by Diego Martins.

We met Diego, a video maker, and so we had together the idea of producing this web series about our lifestyle, and sharing a little bit of our story since Iโ€™ve have met Leysa in Maui 14 years ago, till creating our restaurant in France, buying a house in Ibiraquera, and now selling the restaurant we created to focus 100% on our passion for windsurfing. 

We are not exactly full time in Ibiraquera as I really love France too, have my family and friends there, and I am also working a bit with Boards and More France in the summer months at a few events; and France (and Europe of course) can be really cool too! We are still between 6/7 months in Brasil and we are happy with our little guest house โ€žIbiracasaโ€œ. Yann Rifflet about the web series FREERIDERS – a wave of life

FREERIDERS – a wave of life / EP 01 – a film with Leysa Perotti & Yann Rifflet

Produced by Diego Martins