The German freestyle windsurfer Valentin Böckler explored the spots around Hurghada in Egypt, together with the local windsurfer Ahmed Omar, a camera crew and a photographer.

“…there are a number of secret spots to discover. Finally we stop in the middle of the desert with no population close by. There are unfinished hotel buildings and restaurants which are already starting to fall apart. We leave our car and walk the last 500 to 600 meters to the water’s edge. The hot sand beneath us is covered with a crust of salt – was the water here once much higher? Ahead of us lies a lagoon, the wind is almost too much for 4.2 and behind the sandbar extends a seemingly endless great shallow area. We surf into the sunset and then make our way back to Hurghada”... 

Video by Adrian Koch, Manuel Kappmeyer, Phil Schreyer
Windsurfer: Valentin Böckler, Ahmed Omar