The XRay Talent Factory is an activity of former Freestyle champion and worldcupper Raimondo Gasperini (ITA-157). We believe that the Italian is running an excellent project for several years now and would like to give you an update on what´s going on in the near future.


“It´s an important institution in Italy dedicated to the teaching and promotion of windsurfing and the discovery of young talents.”  Raimondo Gasperini, who works as an instructor himself, comments his inititaive running for several years already.


The Italian kids at the XRay Talent factory stage.


“We are working at a high-level together with top freestyler Gabriele Varrucciu (Italian Freestyle Champ 2010) and Marco Vinante, Italian vice champion in 2011 and other very valid and professional athletes. XRay Talent Factory has launched and helped raise many sporting riders, who then became Italian Champions and also competitors in the international competition scene of Wave and Freestyle.” (Raimondo Gasperini)


Recently almost hundred people attended the Naloo Surf, where Raimondo established his own windsurfing center, the XRay Windsurfing Academy. 


The fresh released event poster.


“We premiered the video of XRay Talent Factory 2011 in Sardinia. It was the right moment to present the new edition of XRay Talent Factory for 2012, which will be held in Talamone (Tuscany) from June 26th to July 1st. Talamone  is the ideal spot to improve your freestyle skills thanks to the constant thermic winds.  This will be the 7th edition and we will have some news: a XRay Girl Special, which will be a stage 100 % dedicated to the girls. Plus we want  to increase even further the development and motivation of the Italian riders at the end of the stage. The best freestyle students will get the chance to compete in a contest “amateur” against opponents from all over Italy. There will be a “Grinch Red Bull Contest” for the top riders and the winners from the amateur competition. Let´s see, if someone of the amateurs can steal the show.” Raimondo added.

You can get more infos here, where you can register.  


Check out a video from Raimondo Gasperini about his activities in 2011: