The French windsurfer Pierre Garambois drives 1000km for a windsurfing session. Only to drive back home afterwards and work the next day. Honestly we would do the same. And do we think it is worth the mileage? Yes, because windsurfing is not only a sport, it is about traveling, exploring new places, meeting people and enjoying the freedom.

This video clip by Pierre Garambois is about one of those day. Pierre: “… you sail to the point of exhaustion and forget you spend 10 hours in your car, because you just love what you do! While all the pros (or lucky people) fly out to Cape Town during European winter, back in Lyon, France, we have to work things out and find another way get to sail a bit, despite the cold. And sometimes, it means driving 1000 kms a day, changing spots twice, sailing 6 hours and going back home late at night to go to work the next day… Do you think it’s worth the mileage? Well, we do think it is!”