Last weekend winter windsurfers from Latvia, Finland and Estonia gathered in Estonia, Haapsalu for the 5th and last WWEC 2010 event. There were appropriate conditions only for the slalom discipline and again no course racing unfortunately! As the ice cleaning machine was drowned and it was not possible to prepare the slalom track near the Haapsalu yacht club we were lucky to find the “secret spot” with clean ice about 1 km from the shore! Competitors had the opportunity to race both competition days and all together there were 10 races. This time Aleksandrs Leontjevs got the first place and Janis Preiss was the second. The youngest from Finnish riders Daniel Blinnikka took the third position. Winter windsurfing season is coming to the end – last race is at WW European Open in Kalajoki on March 18-21! “WWEC 2010 Haapsalu” race this time was a part of the event “Aloha Ice Challenge 2010“.

Besides the windsurfing there were also kitewings, kites and kicksleds. More information and photos are published at