Many of the pro windsurfers train hard over the winter or recover from injuries as good as possible. Turkish windsurfer Lena Erdil injured her foot last summer in Gran Canaria and had to undergo a few surgeries and an intense rehab. She has now released Vlog #30 about her winter training at the Red Bull headquarter in Austria. The video shows the fantastic training facilities and the professional way how the coaches help the athletes to return to a top level again. We wish Lena a great comeback on the water and a successful season! Thanks for this insight into your training Lena!! 

“For the past 3 weeks I’ve been living in Fuschl, a little mountain town in Austria where the Red Bull Headquarters are based. I’m here for the final part of my Lisfranc fracture rehab. The DTC (diagnostic and training center) is located a short drive away in Thalgau. This is the place where all European Red Bull athletes come for their physical performance tests or also if needed injury Rehabilitation. Find out what it looks like and check out some of my crazy rehab exercises.” (Lena Erdil)

Turkish pro windsurfer Lena Erdil gains strength at the Red Bull Headquarters in Salzburg, Austria