A journey to Masirah island in Oman was Federico Morisio’s first real wave riding trip in 2014. Last year in July the Italian decided to go back and train pure starboard tack conditions for this year’s IWT events. But as we all know 2020 was a quite different year due to the impact of Covid-19. 

Federico only brought 1 board and 2 sails to Oman. His 84 lt custom board from Quatro and a 4,0 and 4,5m NP Combat were enough and the gear worked perfectly for the 73kg Italian. “Maybe on just a few days I would have needed a 4.7-5.0 but it was still doable on a 4.5 with the big board,” Federico told us. 

We also asked him what he likes about the spot and he said: “The place is simple, friendly and reliable wind wise. The food is great and it’s all pretty cheap! It is PURE WINDSURFING! Simply because there isn’t much more!”  “Only the journey to the spot is a bit long. You have to fly to Muscat, then drive 6-7 hours in the desert, get a ferry and then you’re finally on the island. Once there, the spot is around 30-40 minutes far from the main city”, Federico adds. But Federico is definitely looking forward to his next trip there, where he want’s to explore the country a bit more.

Federico also wants to thank Nic, who filmed and edited the clip: “Thanks to Nic Van Ysendyk who actually edited the video and motivated me to share it!”

Windsurfing in Oman – Epic Waves in the Middle East with Federico Morisio