Leon Jamaer and Martin “Lampie” Ten Hoeve had a great winter windsurfing session at Agger in Denmark three days ago. A Blizzard, a strong snowstorm, hit the Danish coast and brought decent side offshore wave conditions. Leon, who lives in Germany, saw the good forecast and decided to visit Lampie, who lives in Denmark. The temperature was not so comfortable ranging between 0°C and 2°C but after two hours on the water both were stoked about their session. “Windsurfing in Denmark in the winter is always cold, but this one tops it all! Agger was on fire last week and Leon and I scored big time! When that spot works it is just absolutely amazing,” Lampie said about the session. 

Leon Jamaer about two chilly winter days in Denmark:

“As no one wanted to join me I thought for hours if I should drive up to Denmark or stay home. It’s a long drive and normally when the temperatures are below 4 degrees I think windsurfing is never that much fun. I knew Lampie was up there living with his girlfriend in Klitmoeller and he said he was keen to go windsurfing so I decided from one second to the other I need to check it out. I arrived just in time for a beautiful sunset session with big sail and clean waves. The next day we went to the same spot. Strong rain was predicted but instead it was snowing the whole time – definitely much better than rain, also on the water! I never sailed in this cold conditions but I was actually never really cold except going in and out of the wetsuit. The neoprene equipment has gotten really good – and the suit and booties don’t hinder at all. You don’t want to break a mast outside so we were mostly “hiding” in the inside picking one clean wave after the other. Thats the nice thing at this spot. Its really protected and hardly ever works this well!”

Leon Jamaer and Martin ten Hoeve riding a blizzard in Denmark in February

Camera: Sara Sandahl (Lampie’s girlfriend, who was packed in a fishermans-suit)
Edit: Leon Jamaer