Amir Higgins (17), Rotem Israeli (17) and Nir Shary (17) live at Kibbutz Ginnosar, which is located right next to the Lake of Gennesaret aka “Sea of Galilee” in Israel. We already had some videos online from there. Lake of Gennesaret is the largest freshwater lake in Israel and provides wind almost every day between May end October. “It´s like one big playground for us, because at the spot we have a big variety of spots. Between Ginnosar and Mashevot (Tiberias), were we filmed the movie, we get the strongest wind with 25+, and you can choose to go upwind for flat water freestyling or you can choose to go downwind for some big air moves with nice waves. And you can also go north to Gino beach to get the biggest waves for some really good air moves,” writes Amir Higgins.