“After three days of sailing at the Extreme Sailing Series during Cowes Week from the 6th till the 9th of August 2011 we can confirm that windsurfing is FASTER than Extreme 40s yeha! However, around a race course, this David and Goliath battle is a bit of a miss match!” (Guy Cribb)

It’s been over 20 knots of wind every day so I’ve be stacked on my 7m NP RS Racing and 101 litre/ 65 JP Slalom- basically the Formula One of windsurfing against the F1 of sailing, boats with a value of 400.000 € and a big crew. I’ve consistently been zooming around at over 30 knots even in the rough chop, but hitting peaks of 34/35 knots! The X40s are peaking at around 30 but consistently at around 25…. It’s been a incredible event again with windsurfers winning overall, yet it must be said, around a course, with any sailing upwind, the X40s are untouchable!
Straight upwind and downwind they are insanely quick, around corners and reaching or broad reaching we are faster. I’ve had speed duals with Red Bull racing with the quadruple Gold Medalist Roman Hagara at the helm and most of the other X40s. Basically on a downwind course, they are not as fast but they get to the finish quicker because they sail straight downwind. So the conclusion really is, windsurfers are still king of the seas, but around a traditional yacht racing course, the X40s are quicker.