The girls in freestyle windsurfing often hear that their level isn’t good enough. Now they joined forces, collected some of their best footage and edited a video.

Sarah-Quita Offringa has been a role model for a long time for many women (and probably men, too) was one of the driving forces behind this project:  “We often hear that the girls level isn’t good enough. But really after watching this clip, what do you think ? This is us working together and supporting each other. We’ve produced two all women’s windsurfing clips: Windsurfgirls freestyle & windsurfgirls wave. The level of the women is really high at the moment. And by putting it all in one clip we are able to show that! I think it’s special that we as girls were willing to work together to make this clip possible. We hope to inspire other women in windsurfing with this action. This is just a start, in the future we’re looking to produce more clips featuring more women in all disciplines. So now, get ready for the first of 2 all women’s clips: Windsurfgirls freestyle. To all the ladies out there! Keep shredding!”

Riders: Maxime van Gent, Jazzy Zwerus, Yoli de Brendt, Oda Johanne, Olya Raskina, Sarah Quita Offringa, Arrianne Aukes, Maaike Huvermann, Daniele Lucas, Eva Oude Ophuis, Lene Kyte