From the 23.4. until the 30.4 the Slovenian freestyle windsurfer Andraz Zan organized a windsurfing camp on Sardinia. Watch here some pictures.


Here is the report from Andraz about the camp week:

In the morning all the “students” get to know each other, got their colorful lycra (beginners blue, intermediate green and advanced orange), learned new info about windsurfing, spot, wind and after finally to first lesson. Light wind was perfect for beginners, later on, when the wind got stronger, intermediate and advanced sailors went out. After a long day we had a nice dinner and few minutes later everybody was dead in bed.

Next morning we had a lot of fun with warming up, video analysis followed (like every morning when we had wind the day before) and afterwards we had a nice search of beautiful coast with SUP and kayaks. Soon the wind got stronger and we jumped into our neoprenes and got ready for the lesson. Everybody learned a lot, how to get planing, how to tack, jibing,… In the evening we had a lot of fun with a small party. On day 4 the wind didn’t come as expected, so it was perfect for relaxation and another SUP tour. Besides windsurfing, people really like to paddle around. Next day very nice for beginners… Conditions were very good for learning new turns and learning how to hook in. Advanced sailors peformed all kinds of light wind tricks and got much better feeling for the sail. In the afternoon we prepared everything for the barbeque and later partyyyyy! Last day the wind got stronger again, so it was time for speed 🙂 . All participants were fighting hard so they earned nice rewards in the evening. One week of windsurf camp on Sardinia passed by too fast. Everybody left home with a smile and full of new knowledge. Now it’s time for memories and new camps 😉


More info about the camps of Andraz Zan: