Windskate Air Funnell – Anton Munz

The German windsurfer and windskater Anton Munz added a little ramp to upgrade his windskate playground. After some practice he landed this Air Funnell with a little Burner afterwards. 


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Toninho Cunha

Very nice maneuver, if Iwas younger Iwould like to try it, for sure!

Hey Stam, thank you! Meanwhile this trick is not too hard for me as I do it quite often. However, it´s another thing if you do it over a ramp. It´s all about the perfect timing which was not easy at the first time. Once you get the timing right (the upward movement starts much earlier than thought..) you can do quite extreme tricks, which were previously unthinkable. This trick here was the third try over this ramp. There is defenitely more to come (on tape), for example the Pasko. I´m just thinking about protection gear like a back protector.… Read more »

looks easy buts its not..