Sam Esteve is a 16 year-old freestyle windsurfer from France and lands Air Skopus and one handed Burners like the big ones.  In July when we saw an Air Skopu by Sam we thought: “This boy’s got skills”.  Now we received an even better Air Skopu and a one handed Burner and we thought: “Now it’s time to get to know some more facts about the young French freestyler.”

Sam Esteve

Sam Esteve


Continentseven: When were you born?
Sam Esteve:


Continentseven: Where do you live?
Sam Esteve: I live in St. Marie la mer, 100 meters from the beach


Continentseven: What is the name of your homespot?
Sam Esteve:
I have several home spots depending on the wind direction: Leucate- La Franqui, Port la Nouvelle, Sainte-Marie la mer ..


Continentseven: How long have you been windsurfing?
Sam Esteve: I started windsurfing with my father when I was 5 at Port Barcarès lake and I have been windsurfing for 12 years.


Continentseven: What is your favourite windsurfing move?
Sam Esteve: My favorite move is the Air Skopu.


Sam Esteve - Pic: Alexis Fernet

Sam Esteve – Pic: Alexis Fernet


Continentseven: Which windsurfing moves do you practice at the moment?
Sam Esteve: Right now, I practice the Air Skopu into Burner,  and the Burner into Burner.


Continentseven: Do you have any idols in windsurfing?
Sam Esteve: No, I don’t have an idol but I am inspired by videos of the best freestylers.


Continentseven: What is your favourite windsurfing spot?
Sam Esteve: My favorite place to windsurf is Port la Nouvelle.


Continentseven: What do you like about windsurfing?
Sam Esteve: I like the atmosphere with the guys, the sensations produced by the moves and to be outside in touch with the nature.


Continentseven: What do you like besides windsurfing?
Sam Esteve: surf, kitesurf, snowboard, stand up paddle, longboard, dirt windsurfing..


Continentseven: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
Sam Esteve: I see myself traveling all over the world to make trips and competitions.


Video featuring freestyle windsurfer Sam Esteve’s evolution 2004 – 2014