Rick Jendrusch is a freestyle windsurfer from the Netherlands and actually the youngest competitor at the PWA Surf Worldcup in Podersdorf. Last year he crowned himself already European Freestyle Champion in the Youth category at the EFPKT event in Alacati, Turkey. Now it is the first time for him competing at a PWA event.

Rick Jendrusch - Pic: PWA/John Carter

PWA: Where are you from?
Rick: I am from Holland.


PWA: How old are you?
Rick: I am 16 years old and the youngest person on the tour.


PWA: Where do you windsurf at home?
Rick: I windsurf at Brouwersdam in Holland, it is a really good freestyle spot. I always train in Holland.


PWA: So this is your first PWA event, how is it so far?
Rick: Podersdorf is a really nice event, really well organized and I am really hoping for some wind.


PWA: Have you done much training for an event like this?
Rick: I train all the time…as much as I can I really. I like it, so whenever it is windy I try to get out. I have also done some national championships.


PWA: Where do you hope to finish at this event?
Rick: I really would like to finish in the top 20, maybe 16th. We will see.


PWA: Which other events will you do this year?
Rick: I hope to also do Sylt and Lanzarote. And next year I will do the whole tour.


PWA: And finally, what is your favorite move?
Rick: The shaka is my favorite move; I love how you float in the air, it feels great.


PWA: Thanks for your time today and good luck.

©Interview: PWA/Andrew Buchanan