Alexandre Grand-Guillot (14) is a young French windsurfing addict living in the North of France, who wants to be connected to the sport for his entire life. He already lands Spinloops and we wanted to know a bit more about him.

Alexandre rotates through a forward loop (PIC: Eric Bellande).

C7: How old are you ? 
Alexandre Grand-Guillot: I’m 14 years-old and I’m in my fifth year of windsurfing. I started with 10 years on the spot Urville-Naqueville, what´s also my home spot.


C7: Where are you from ?
Alexandre Grand-Guillot: I live in Northern France, in the Normandy. This is a very well known area for windsurfing in France as there are plenty of spots for wavesailing.


C7: What’s your favourite windsurfing move ?
Alexandre Grand-Guillot: The stalled forward is the move that I prefer most, because it´s really beautiful to watch and it´s even better to do!


Alexandre enjoys the life at the beach (Pic: Eric Bellande).

C7: Which windsurfing moves do you practice at the moment ?
Alexandre Grand-Guillot: Right now, I am concentrating on my Backloops, because I’m really close to land them. But each session is a new
challenge for me, because each time I try the moves again or I try new ones and that’s what makes the magic of this sport.


C7: Who are your idols in windsurfing ? 
Alexandre Grand-Guillot: Yes, I have many idols in windsurfing. But there are three sailors, I prefer most: the first one is Leo Ray. He is super nice and he sails in waves and does freestyle as well!  Thomas Traversa is the second one. He is the first French on the PWA circuit 2011 and has a sick style. And the third one is Alex Mussolini. Alex has his own style, which is so different compared to many other sailors.


C7: What´s your favourite windsurfing spot ? 
Alexandre Grand-Guillot:  Siouville and Urville are my favorite spots. Both spots are in the area I live. But I hope to find a maximum of magic spots during all my life.


C7: You are 14 years now, where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
Very good questions, I ask myself often, but unfortunately, nobody can answer this question.
But my dream is to travel all my life, thanks to windsurfing I would manage to make my passion my business even though I am well aware that it will not be easy.

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