Two of Kauli Seadi’s dreams came true. First he married is girlfriend Maria Fernanda and second he windsurfed at Teahupoo. Kauli: “The most majestic wave on the planet I guess, Teahupoo!!!! My dream came true, I was able to windsurf it for the first time!” But unfortunately Kauli broke his foot in paradise: Diagnose is out, broken bone on my foot (talus), now 8 weeks without walking to recover until I recover from this compression fracture, soon I get some shots of the damage on the board with my foot! That spray from the barrel pushed me so hard into my equipment!!!”

Kauli Seadi at Teahupoo

Kauli Seadi at Teahupoo


Continentseven: You recently married your girlfriend Maria Fernanda. Where did you spend your honey moon?
Kauli Seadi: We went to French Polynesia for a boat trip of 35 days.


Continentseven: And you windsurfed at Teahupoo? Was it your first time in Teahupoo?
Kauli Seadi: It was my second time, the first time was 2 years ago with a SUP and this year I finally got the chance to windsurf the wave. 


Continentseven: Can you please tell us more about your windsurfing session in Teahupoo.  
Kauli Seadi: This wave has a crazy power and it gets extremely steep super fast, so it is very hard to time it well, you can easily be late and crash hard into the shallow reef. I sailed there for 2 days and on the first day were smaller waves and light wind for my 4.9m ks3 and the 83 radical quad. On the second day the wind was much better, I used the 4.6m ks3 and the same board. The wind was also a bit more sideshore what made it easier to enter the wave.


Continentseven: And you got injured, right? What happened?
Kauli Seadi: I broke the bone from the foot, the talus. Now I will be 8 weeks without stepping on the floor. 


Continentseven: In our last update about you we reported about your great discoveries with your sailboat. Did you continue your adventure on the boat?
Kauli Seadi: No, not with my boat. My boat is back in Gostoso and during this year we are meeting up with the Mormaii boat around the islands of the pacific. We already were in Galapagos and French Polinesia.


Continentseven: What were the highlights of your boat trip in 2014?
Kauli Seadi: Sailing the great waves with nobody else, getting to learn new cultures and visiting so much preserved spots, sometimes still untouched, unique nature experience, from diving with 250 sharks in a small pool to swim with huge manta stingrays and even play with sea lions under water!


Continentseven: Do you miss to compete?
Kauli Seadi: I do miss competition, it’s in my blood, I like the challenge, but I just wish we would have more down the line wave spots on tour. I have planned to the the Aloha Classic again this year, but now with my injury I won’t be able to participate!


Kauli Seadi

Kauli Seadi in the Tube


Continentseven: You are a real waterman. You surf, you sup, you kite, you windsurf. What’s the main watersport you do at the moment. Is it still windsurfing?
Kauli Seadi: Yes, windsurfing will be always my number one sport, but lately I have been really in love also with sup surf.


Continentseven: Kauli, what are your plans for the next few weeks?
Kauli Seadi: Just keep my foot up and hope it heals well so I can be back on the water soon.


Kauli Seadi hit the board with his foot

That’s how Kauli broke his foot. He hit the bottom with his foot during a wipe out.

Kauli Seadi and his wife

Kauli Seadi and his wife Nana enjoying French Polynesia

Interview: ©CONTINENTSEVEN 2014