We hooked up with the Brazilian freestyle windsurfer Hugo de Sousa, because we have missed his name on the entry list for the PWA Freestyle final on the German island Sylt (Germany). After the PWA event at Fuerteventura, he travelled to Lake Garda and wanted to stay in Europe until the PWA Freestyle final on Sylt, but somewhen his plans must have changed.


Hugo de Sousa - Pic: John Carter/PWA

Hugo de Sousa – Pic: John Carter/PWA


Continentseven: After the event on Fuerteventura you travelled for the first time to lake Garda? How did you like the place and the conditions there?

Hugo de Sousa: It was a great new experience! To be surrounded by high mountains all around and to sail on the lake was awesome  I liked a lot the fact that you meet so many people and especially lots of windsurfers, all of them so friendly! The place is very chill and the conditions are quite good when it is windy. I just wished we had more strong wind days  


Continentseven: Was it the first time windsurfing on fresh water? 
Hugo de Sousa: I went to Switzerland in the beginning of July together with my Swiss friend Loïck Spicher to visit his family. We had a quick stop at the Lake Urner as there was a massive Föhn storm. I had only a shorty with me and even though it was July, the water was ice cold for me!!! I had cramps in my legs, arms and everywhere else it is possible haha…  The temperatures at the Lake Garda were warmer than that and I found the temperature comfortable.


Continentseven: Which spots did you like most at Lake Garda?

Hugo de Sousa: I sailed mostly in Al Pra and at the Hotel Pier. I preferred Pra as the wind was stronger; I was using 4.4m and had some crazy session flying around over the big chop. The spot at the hotel Pier is good as well. The wind was just less strong and I found it more difficult to sail there.


Having a chat with Hugo at Fuerteventura - Pic: Continentseven

Having a chat with Hugo at Fuerteventura – Pic: Continentseven


Continentseven: Where are you now?
Continentseven: I am back home with my family in Camocim, Brazil. 


Continentseven: Why did you decide to cancel the PWA event in Sylt and go back to Brazil instead?
Hugo de Sousa: After 7 month of travelling, I have to say, that it was getting quite tiring for me. More to this after my events on Bonaire and Fuerte I realized, that my level on port tack is just insufficient. Considering that and also that it got difficult for me stay so far from home for so long, I decided to fly back home. Nevertheless, I am more motivated than ever before right now. I am training hard every day here in Camocim. The wind is strong and the conditions are perfect to push your level. I already learned some new moves on port tack and my moves on Starboard tack get crazier than ever  I am planning to be stronger than ever within the next season.

I want to thank all my sponsors: The Pousada Windjeri, RRD, Maui Ultrafins and Continentseven for their immense support. More to this, a big thanks to my family, friends and other supporters, which make me smile every day and keep me always so possible! Finally, thanks to my friend Loick Spicher who travelled with me a whole year helped me a lot further and that he always kept believing in me. We had an amazing time, even there were some harder moments, I will keep so many nice memories in my mind from this travel… Hopefully next year again! 


Continentseven: Thanks and all the best to Camocim!
Hugo de Sousa: Thanks, I wish all the best to the riders in Sylt, put on a good show and good luck to everyone! Aloha!




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