Maui Nerds Kevin Pritchard (US-3) and Johannes Neumann started to work on their next video project called “What does it feel like”. The theme is to explore the world through different eyes and should give a look into life after competition. Kevin Pritchard, who decided to stop his career on the professional tour by the end of 2010, definitely knows how it feels. “I want to make a film about what it feels like to be deep within the mind of different athletes, and see just what it feels like to be in the mind of Philip Koster doing a double forward, Graham Ezzy hitting the lip at Jaws, and find some incredible locations. We will see if we can pull if off but we are going to give it a try. “

Watch the first teaser, which reminds a lot to high quality surfing films. We can expect a big thing this time! Hurry up KP and Johannes. The film should be finished within 2012. More infos coming soon.


What Does It Feel Like – first teaser from Johannes Neumann – mnp on Vimeo.