“The film ‘Wife Beaters and Bogan Tracks’ covers the windsurfing journey of a group of friends in Western Australia. The video is intended to show the most beautiful places in Western Australia and to give you a feeling of freedom, a sense to feel being on holiday or graving for a vacation to this beautiful place. Spots that are visited are Margaret River, Gnaraloo, Grace Town, Ellensbrook, Lancelin and Green Head.” Frank Holtkamp, producer


It seems the Dutch group of friends had a lot of fun during their trip along the Western Australian coast and share their fun moments, highlights, big days in the video with the public. The result is a 18:32 minutes long clip. The producer Frank Holtkamp put a lot of effort into the project.


Windsurfers: Jasper van der Heijden, Hugo de Boer, Thewes de Boer, Hans van der Werf, Sander Vrieling, Bernd Holtkamp, Frank Holtkamp, Jeen Wobbes, Remco Janssen, Lotje Nieuwenhuis, Marijke Bakker. Also windsurfing in the video are Peter Volwater and some Australian locals.


Note by the producer: Wife Beaters and Bogan Tracks is slang for a type of T-shirts some people wear. A Bogan is a person with an unsophisticated background making tracks on the road with his typically Holden car. (Holden is an Australian car producing company since 1908)