West Kirby is one of the top speed spots to reach your top GPS speed relatively easy. Flat water behind an artificial wall, which was built back in 1899 and an useful wind angle. January 3rd 2012 saw a big storm and the show was on inside Marine lake nearby Liverpool. Watch the speedruns  of British sailors like Ian Richards or Darren Mathers or Jurjen van der Noord, Jacques van der Hout and Hans Kreisel, who extra travelled from Holland to UK to set up a great time at the beginning of the year. And it definitely paid off for all of them. Despite Hans broke his tail of the board in 40 to 60 knots of wind, he can be happy.  He set a top speed of 50,3 knots (max 2sec). 
At the moment it looks like there are many guys out there, who can reach top speed. Would be great to see them all at an international competition. Good speedgear obviously is available on the market. Specific speedboards are produced by Fanatic, F2, JP-Australia, Patrik Board, Starboard, Tabou, Thommen1…And fast sails are available a lot.

Have a look on Hans Kreisel´s comment on gps-speedsurfing.com, who had to work on the day after he sailed 50 knots + the day after. “I felt like a Zombie!”