Alex Vargas (CHI-111), Chile local,  travelled with Adrian Chochol, who is from Poland, along Chile’s coast in search of the best wind and waves. And they had success. Watch their video “Vamos cholo”!

Adrian Chochol: “Last Chilean summer, Alex Vargas took me for the road trip down to the south of Chilefrom January 20 till March 6. It’s impressive how diverse the Chilean coast is. Waves bumping everyday and most of the spots are uncrowded. Just pure down the line windsurfing. The swell was super consistent all the time, but it wasn’t windy everyday . That’s why we drove down to the south for two weeks at the beginning of our trip. In general, during the Chilean summer, when there is no wind close to the Matanzas area, the coastline further south delivers consistent wind conditions and various good down the line spots.
I would say, February was the best month. We scored some good classic days at Matanzas with mast high waves. We also had a few nice sessions at Topocalma, but the waves there were closing out a bit. Locals told me that in general the best period is March. Unfortunately this year wasn’t  good all March. All the trip I was using a 80l quad board.  About 80 % of sessions I was on my 4,6m and all the rest on 4,0m. My weight is 70kg. Alex was using a 80l custom board and 4,5m all the time. He has a similar size and weight to mine. For almost 3 months I was windsurfing on about 70% of all days. Chile is just perfect and the locals are super friendly. Hope I will be back soon…
All the best from Krakow!”

Spots in the video: Matanzas, Mapuches place, Llico, Pivechko, Odpina, Vichuquen, Baca and many more

Edit:  AdrianChochol & Maciek Stachowicz


Adrian Chochol and Alex Vargas in down the line wave conditions along Chile’s coast