Martin Ovsik had fun riding waves in  Lanzarote on December 9, 2021 when proper swell hit the island. He travelled from Tenerife to Lanzarote and it definitely paid off for the Czech rider. Jameos del Aqua is known as one of the best waves on the island. The waves break over lave reefs and the spot is for experts only, especially when waves get a decent size. 

Last week we went from Tenerife to the amazing spot of Jameos del Aqua for last minute trip. Although it was just for one session – the forecast looked so good and in reality the conditions were really nice – it was worth it. I thought my wife was getting just pictures, but later I realized she took some video footage as well. So here are some wave rides. Martin Ovsik

Wave Windsurfing in James del Aqua, Lanzarote with Martin Ovsik – Video