Boujmaa Guilloul talks about wave riding and hands movement. Moving your hands while riding a wave is so important. The Moroccan, who is a very experienced wave windsurfer, has a few great tips how and when to move the hands.

It’s a quick video on hands movements when wave riding. There is a lot to be said there, but just breaking down quick rides from Ho’okipa with side off shore wind that allow me to generate a lot of speed therefore the ability to move my hands a lot freely on the boom. When the wind is strong, it’s a bit harder to move the hands on the boom, when the wind is side onshore, you might move it for the bottom turn but a lot less when top turning, and so on, there are a lot of variables when it comes to riding a wave, as mentioned before, so many elements would affect our style of riding, and the hands movement is one major element.Boujmaa Guilloul

Wave riding and hands movements while wave riding with Boujmaa Guilloul – Video tutorial