Gerroa, located in New South Wales (Australia) offers great wave windsurfing & surfing conditions. The point there creates a brilliant left hander. Paul Van Bellen put his drone in the air and followed local windsurfer Forrest Ladkin and his friends.

Forrest Ladkin: “Gerroa is about 2 hours south of Sydney and as you can see it gets pretty nice cross off DTL (down the line) wave conditions. It’s a great place for people to learn when it’s small. The east coast of Australia is generally pretty underrated given it’s often dwarfed by the incredible conditions and consistency on the west coast. Gerroa on the east coast of Australia is where I’m fortunate enough to have be born and raised. Still calling it home today. The special geographic location combined with a huge headland pointing out into the sea offers rare side to side off wave sailing and more consistent summer seabreeze wind the just about anywhere on the east coast of Australia. Our season kicks off in spring and leads all the way into autumn. After competing and managing to take out the victory in the AWT event 2016 in Peru my friends and I have been absolutely blessed by returning home to ride swell after swell this year despite being so close to the middle of summer. A good friend Paul Van Belen has been coming down on all the good days to shoot with his drone for fun, once he gets through all his batteries he heads straight out sailing.”

Forrest Ladkin & friends in clean waves in Gerroa, New South Wales

This is another video filmed with a drone from Gerroa, which shows how difficult it gets, when having a broken mast in the middle of the lineup and no safety backup.