Camille Juban and Florian “Flo” Jung travelled to Galicia, Spain. They got brilliant wave conditions. French film maker Pierre Bouras filmed the best action and produced a fantastic clip called “Galicia Express”. Galicia offers a wild coast with rough cliffs and sandy beaches in between. It’ a humid area with a lot of rainfall, but a quite mild climate.

Camille Juban: “So after a bad result in Tenerife – Flo and I finished in equal 25th –  the photographer Pierre Bouras told Flo and myself:  Guys, check out the forecast for Galicia. We did and decided to book a plane ticket to Santiago de Compostela and went to the first spot called  Playa de Traba. We got couple of waves there at the beginning of the swell, but we knew there will come a much better wave around because Thomas Traversa and JB Caste showed me a sick spot 6 years ago. The spot was actually Cabo Vilan. So we drove there and got pretty epic conditions. The waves closed out a lot but some were good to go for big moves. We sailed there 2 days in a row exactly at the peak of the swell and then we finished our trip with the last swell in San Xurxo, where we  had one day with good action on the water.”

Camille Juban and Flo Jung windsurf in waves in Galicia, Spain