Vladimir Yakovlev put all his windsurfing gear on a Vietnamese motorbike and discovered the endless coastline. The Russian top freestyler discovered great spots around Phan Rang with crystal clear water, flat water bays and breaking waves with wind blowing from side to side off. Watch a great clip, which inspires to go for the same trip one day. The video not only shows windsurfing action, it as well shows the country, the local people and the remote country side.


“This winter, when I finished my windsurf camp in Mui Ne, I wanted to go to the Fo Kui Island situated in 100km beach direction. Winds there are never-ending! Unfortunately endless preparing for the journey, entry permission and exhausting waiting for the ship didn’t bring any positive results… The sea was storming and I didn’t want to spend 8 hours on a boat in such tough conditions. So I changed my plans straight away and decided to explore another windsurf spot. Early in the morning I started my motorbike trip to the city of Phan Rang, which is located further north east 190km from Mui Ne. I didn’t have much experience of traveling on a motorbike with equipment. So I had quite a sketchy ride going through the 40knots wind gusts that were blowing me away. However, in 5 hours I did make it to the village surrounded by ideal spots with flat water and waves. All in all I spent 6 days there, made a nice video and had a very nice sessions with Dutch Pro’s Davy Scheffers and Austrian film maker Michael Sumereder,”  Vladimir Yakovlev commented about the Vietnam motorbike road trip.


Vladimir Yakovlev travels Vietnam on a motorbike and with windsurfing gear