Vladimir Iakovlev has been traveling to Phan Rang in Vietnam since 2013. The best season is the Vietnamese winter season, when the Monsoon blows from north eastern direction. Phan Rang is a more remote spot with less developed tourism. It’s definitely worth a trip! Former PWA freestyle windsurfer Tony Möttus and his girlfriend run a watersport center – the Vietnam Surf Camping – in this region. 

“Phan Rang is one of my favourite freestyle spots. Perfect waves for jumps and flat sections with clear water. And what’s also great – it’s not crowded. Davy Scheffers, Yarden Meir and Michael Sumereder showed me this spot in 2013. Since then I came every year, not just for riding this amazing spot but also to enjoy the silence and beauty of it. (Vladimir Iakovlev)

Vladimir Iakovlev with freestyle windsurfing action from Phan Rang, Vietnam