Emilio Galindo Barquín aka Emi released his latest video mixing wave, freestyle and slalom windsurfing action filmed at Caños, Faro, Alvor, Conil and Sancti Petri on the “Costa de la luz” in Spain. The action was filmed in the beginning of the year and Emi is looking forward to the upcoming winter swells. Although Emi told us, that he thinks the footage is not great, we really like the style of the video.

Emilio “Emi” Galindo Barquín (E-21) : “Caños is definitely my favorite spot with NW wind, side-off and peeling waves. But it’s really a big challenge, because it’s very gusty and the wave is unpredictable, sometimes the section breaks soft and mushy and the next one is digging in the rocks at the bottom and throwing a big hollow tube.” 


Emilio Galindo Barquín in Southern Spain