Vincent Chapelle is from Brittany in France and calls La Torche his home spot. The 31 year-old French water sport addict started to windsurf at the age of 10. Check out his latest video “Drums and fun” with footage from Brittany, Naxos and Cape Town. It contains jumps, wavered, freestyle, wipeouts mixed with the sound of drums. 

Vincent Chapelle: “Windsurfing for me is all about fun with friends in a totally free playground, and most of all, sending some big sprays of water. I love the strong wind and to send it in stormy conditions, but also just being on the water as much as possible, on any kind of windsurfing board. I started with racing in Aloha, Techno 293 and then Formula Experience. Now I most of the time ride in waves, and a bit of freestyle and foiling. I used to spend 4 to 5 months in Cape Town each winter and 4 months in Greece every summer, and the rest of the time at home. Since this year, I returned back to the real life. I am working in France. So I’m riding more in Brittany.”

Vincent Chapelle windsurfs in waves and on flat water in Brittany, Naxos, and Cape Town

Camera: Florent Kermarrec, Anais Reguero Alvarez, Brieuc Le Rochais

Edit: Vincent Chapelle