Vincent Chapelle is a 29 year-old waverider from Le Foret-Fouesnount, Bretagne, France. He calls La Torche his home spot. Last winter he spent four months in South Africa. And it was already his fourth trip to Cape Town.

HECTIC is Vincent’s new video with his best footage from Cape Town. The first part shows Vincent in waves around Cape Town and on his freestyle board on the inland lakes. He is a very universal rider. In the second part of the video he features his friends. They all go big and follow “the just go for it” slogan on Vincent’s sail. It’s an action packed video with a lot of fantastic views on Cape Town and the surrounding landscape.

Riders: Vincent Chapelle, Antoine Albert, Adam Sims, Adrien Bosson, Benoit Devinat, Paco Mercador, Lucien Bottex, Pierre Cahagnier, Aurelien Petrau, Nuage le Derff, Juliano Scalabrun

Vincent Chapelle and friends windsurf in waves and on flat water around Cape Town in winter 2017/2018

Filmed by: Adam Sims, Alina Shalin, Anais Reguero Alvarez, Benoit Devinat, Lucien Bottex, Pierre Cahagnier, Nuage le Derff, Juliano Scalabrun & Vincent Chapelle