Diego Guijarro lives in Bilbao at the north-east atlantic coast of Spain. His homespot is Laida beach, where the sand bar of the famous surfspot Mundaka ends. In Basque region it is hard to get the perfect combination of wind and waves, to get good waveriding conditions.

Diego Guijarro sent us the following info about the spots: “Laida works with south winds (nearly offshore direction) and small to mid size waves (ideal: 2m in front of the wave) and is then a pure down the line wave riding spot. Mundaka is on the left side of Laida and can also be ridden as if it were a right (despite being a surfing left), getting out really huge aerials. All this sounds really good, but the matter in Bilbao area is that despite having really good wave conditions and surfing spots, there are not usually good wind conditions, and we can spend 3 months in a row without windsurfing!! So, surfing is our actual alternative in Bilbao, and while getting more than 100 surfing sessions per year during the weekends we get about 30 windsurfing sessions.”


This video here is featuring two spots, which are more known from surfing: Santander and Mundaka. The first part was filmed in Santander, where Diego and his friends caught a good swell with side-offshore winds. The second part shows flat water conditions in Mundaka.


Windsurfing in Santandar & Mundaka