The French freestyle windsurfer Romain Pinocheau has spent 3 months in Sao Miguel do Gostoso in Brazil. Watch here his very nice video and read below a short interview with the French.


C7: Where are you from?
Romain: I’m from Ré Island, where Antoine Albeau lives also. Now, I live in St Martin de Ré, the most popular village of Ré Island for tourism, not for windsurfing!


C7: How long have you been windsurfing, freestyling?
Romain: I started windsurfing at 12 years old; 2 years after I started competition on the Techno 293OD. And for the freestyle, I started freestyle in summer 2010, and I landed my first Spock and my first Flaka in August 2010.


C7: What is your homespot?
Romain:My homespot is La Couarde Nord ( Le Goisil ). For me, this is the best spot, but in Ré Island the wind is very light ( 2 days per month with 22 knots or more ). Because of that, I went this winter to Saõ Miguel do Gostoso in Brazil.


C7: Do you study or work besides windsurfing?
Romain:After highschool, I stopped study and raceboard competition to dedicate myself at 100% to my passion,the freestyle. When I’m on Ré Island, I work with my father to finance my travels.


C7: Did you already participate in freestyle competitions?
Romain: No, freestyle is so new for me, I preferred to take parts at events like Défi Wind (Gruissan ), Mondial du Vent (Leucate ) or just travel to train to Brazil or Tarifa. Today, I think it would be good for me to go to competitions to gain experience, even if I know it will be very difficult, but I’m motivated! I will start with a French competition at Bonifacio, the Freestyle Project in Corsica, and maybe the one more EFPT event!


C7: What are your goals for 2012?
Romain:Find sponsors, make videos, travelling for training, start the competition, practise my passion! Windsurf is my life! On 22nd of March, I go with my friend Hugo Guias (pro kitesurfer) to Dakhla, Maroc, for training and to make a video.