We already had a clip with the same footage from UMI online, but it was a ripped version of someone, who put it on Youtube. Here is now the “real” clip by Umi from the 15th of March featuring Ricardo Campello, Marcilio Browne, Kauli Seadi, Robby Naish, Levi Siver and Jason Polakow. We can watch this footage over and over.

Brendan Pyatt from UMI about that day: “It was the longest day I’ve ever shot for and as pretty much every wave had the prospect of being a keeper it was really tiring. So many great riders out there! I shot from around 11am until about 6pm pretty much nonstop. I have no idea how many hundreds of clips I captured but I did run out of batteries which has never happened before. I have two huge power packs and by sunset I was swapping them back and forth to suck the last bits of power from them!”

Peahi, Maui 15th March 2011 from umi pictures on Vimeo.