Instead of going to Chile, Victor Fernandez travelled to South Africa this winter. The 2016 PWA wave champ has now released a shot clip with some of the best windsurfing action from South Africa. You can expect some massive jumps, Goiters, perfect Frontside Wave 360s, huge Aerials and a big crash.

Victor Fernandez in South Africa “Six years later”


Aditionally we hooked up with Victor Fernandez for a short interview.

Continentseven: You haven’t been in SA for 6 years? Why not?
Victor Fernandez: Well, I was on Maui a lot in the last 6 years and I combine it with Chile which works at the same time as Cape Town but this year I decided to skip Chile and go back to Cape Town because most of the Fanatic / North Sails Team was there and Manu Grafenauer was filming for a new wave and freestyle clip that will be coming out soon.

Continentseven: How long were you in South Africa?
Victor Fernandez: I was in SA for 19 days. I was on Maui until Christmas and I wanted to get some port tack sailing and I know January is a great month of wind in Cape Town.

Continentseven: How did you like it this time?
Victor Fernandez: I enjoyed it so much. I like the fact that you can always windsurf with people that you know in many different spots. Good food and lifestyle are the perfect combination for a good trip.

Continentseven: Will you be back next winter?
Victor Fernandez: I hope so, still far away but it’s one of the easiest location to go to from Europe in winter time.

Continentseven: What’s your plan for the upcoming months until the first wave event, the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves festival on Gran Canaria?
Victor Fernandez: I arrived on Maui 1 week ago and my plan is to stay here until April 27, doing some testing for North Sails and participating on the Fanatic / NorthSails photoshoot in the first 2 weeks of April. In May I will be at home in Spain and I will go to the Canaries whenever there is a good forecast.