Almerimar, located in the Spanish province of Almeria, is the home spot of Victor Fernandez and the spot where he runs his own windsurfing center. The spot is a windsurfing jewel at the Spanish Mediterranean coast and offers brilliant wave conditions, when the Poniente brings waves from south western direction towards Almerimar.

“I have spent some time at home this winter in between some of my winter trips to Maui, Cape Town and Gran Canaria. Poniente is the best wind we get at my home spot as it brings good wind swell from the south west of the Mediterranean sea. This winter and spring season is working almost every week. So I would like to share this video from the time I spent at home, specially this weekend as we are having the second Spanish Championship of the year and we are going to have a very good weekend with Poniente conditions.” (Victor Fernandez about Almerimar)

Victor Fernandez windsurfs in waves at his home turf Almerimar during Poniente conditions

Video Credit: Jose Miguel Fernandez, Jose Casanova, Jose Fernandez & Nacho Picaza