The first PWA wave competition, the Pozo Wind & Wave Festival 2013 will be started tomorrow with the registration and the first windsurfing highlight, the trials. 12 riders will battle for the remaining 6 slots. It’s the 25th anniversary of a windsurfing Worldcup at Pozo and the crew around Iballa and Daida Moreno put a lot of effort into the organization of the event.

Let’s see, if the conditions will allow to run any trials tomorrow. We will see big names in the trials like 5 times freestyle world champion Golllito Estredo, who was on the water today and impressed with great freestyle with his 2014 Idol and brand new Skate. He landed really high Shakas, Spock Culos and fast Skopus. Just great to watch. Sarah-Quita Offringa, who will do the wave competition this year, had fun out there too with her  2014 4,8m and a big Flare. Sarah landed perfect Burners and seemed to have a lot of fun on the water, because she was cheering all the time.


Gollito Estredo


Who else was out there sailing in the bay of Pozo, where the wind picked up during the late afternoon. Antoine Martin, Boujmaa Guilloul and Ricardo Campello, who went for Konos, Backloops and even Air Spocks. Alessio Stillrich, who just found time to go out on the water in between his final exams in school, rotated through double Flakas and nice jumps. Moritz Mauch was searching for any waves and Justin Denel warmed up for the trials. Justin is almost fit again after breaking a little bone in his left hand.

Even if there are no waves at Pozo the wind is there and it’s great for freestyle action. Gollito enjoyed the time on the water after he just arrived at Pozo. He will go for the trials tomorrow.

The wind forecast shows lighter wind for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. But the wind will pick up on Thursday and it will get stronger during the weekend. No big swell is forecasted so far. But Köster and Co rotate through double Forwards in one meter high ramps. Let’s hope for an exciting competition!

32 men and 15 ladies will compete for the titles at the windsurf mecca of Pozo Izquierdo from July 9th till 14th.