Tsimari is one of the best freestyle spots on the Greek mainland. The spot is located 90 kilometers west of Patras. The lagoon is flat like a pancake, even when the wind blows with 25+ knots.

This summer some of the best Greek locals came together for a freestyle sesssion on a windy day. The freestyle level is really high and they landed Konos, Culos, Culo in Culo, Burners, Air Funnells, Burner in Funnells, Shakas, Ponch… It’s great to see that the windsurfing freestyle scene is alive on the Greek mainland!!

The riders in the video are: Mallio, Maritsis, Mixalis, Kostis, Billis, Fireman and Titos

“Good friends shared an unforgettable day with friends in Tsimari, one of the sickest spot in west coast ‘GREECE’.” (Titos Georgiadis)

Tsimari get “loco” – a freestyle windsurfing video from Greece

Video by Titos Georgiadis