In “True Wind” the Austrian windsurfer Max Matissek wants to bring windsurfing to locations, where it is impossible to windsurf. Max Matissek: “True Wind is an art and sport project which is about extreme complementarities. I want to create new pictures in windsurfing, not limited by any external factors. So far it wasn’t possible to get street style into windsurfing.”

The title itself “True Wind” is already a contradiction and the subsurface location conflicts with the sport of windsurfing. But with a winch and a kicker, Max realizes his imagination, he transferred windsurfing to a place without wind.

True Wind Final 1st Image

True Wind Final 1st Image


“I have always thought about combining images of my journeys with my painting and I am happy to finally present this project,” Max told us.

The location for his first picture was an underground water storage basin in Austria’s capital Vienna. The photographer of the image was the Austrian Philip Schuster. The chosen image got converted to black and white and was then transferred on canvas. The final product is a mixed media piece on canvas.




True Wind

Filmed and edited by – Manuel Grafenauer/Enjoy the Soup