Mattia Pedrani is a freestyler with really high skills.And he not only lands the tricks, when the conditions are perfect and warm, he lands the tricks when snow falls, when the temperatures are below zero. Protected with a drysuit, gloves, booties and a thick hood. That’s really tough. And he not even had someone, who closes the rough-running zip of the drysuit at the parking area of Malcesine and nobody, who captured the video from his sessions. Read some lines from Mattia (I-00), which must be written by a 100% dedicated windsurfer. Respect Mattia!

“This video is different from my previous clips. The action isn’t as fast and it focuses more on the beautiful scenery covered by 15cm of powder. The track is also smoother and communicates the surreal atmosphere I could feel when walkin around the streets and the beach covered in snow, ready to hit the water. As the title suggests, the need to go windsurfing goes beyond petty things like below zero temperatures and whether it’s actually snowing or not. It’s way too easy to be doing tricks in shorts somewhere where the water’s pancake flat.” Mattia Pedrani