Triple Forward Loop Crash – Philip Köster

Besides winning the PWA Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival, Philip Köster tried a Triple Forward Loop in the last seconds of the winners final of the single elimination. During the last minute of his heat against Alex Mussolini, we already felt, that Philip wanted to go for something big as a big set came closer and Philip accelerated suddenly. And then, bammm, the Triple Forward Loop attempt. 

In 2008 Ricardo Campello made already a pretty similar attempt, but after this attempt nobody managed to come close to Ricardo’s attempt, except Philip.  


Interview with Ricardo Campello

We spoke with Ricardo Campello about Philip’s and his  Triple Forward attempt


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and if you watch this care fully at 2:22 you will notice that Campello have done what Koster did


check out here boujmaa
have gone even a bit further than Philip and that was back in 2011


No…Köster was much further and a lot closer to land it. And the biggest difference to Boujma and also to Ricardo Campello is, that he is much more controlled in it!!! If there will be a rankingg….than it´s 1. Köster 2. Campello 3. Boujma


Koster just went for a face plant into the water as the rest of them, none of them were close to land it

don’t worry too much about the triple loop because it is not going to happen.
After the second rotation all of them go vertical and this stops the rotation.
besides the centrifugal force is too high which makes impossible to keep the sail closed, there are human limitations.


You´re wrong, sorry! But I think you don´t like Köster and that´s the reason for your comments..:-). Only Köster and Campello are able to land it and they will in near future if the conditions are properly! Köster will be first because he is the best jumper on the planet!


no one will land a triple loop,
there are physical and human limitations which make the move impossible,
remember this,
The first attempts go back to 2008, 7 years later in 2015 they are still in the same point,
all of them go about the same point, they get something like a severe over-rotated doubles and then a brutal face plant into the water.

I like Koster the same way I like all PWA participants,
probably your are biased and sentimentally affected


if Campello was German for sure will be champ not 1 but 10 times mates . With all the respect for Koster he is a great surfer but Campello is unique we have to respect him not for the amazing moves that gave to us but also for his soul when he is windsurfing.
people who know really how to windsurf they know what i mean


Capello did not have reach Köster’s power sailing, neither he did such a triple attempt!


Impressive but I’ve heard that he said that he has already landed it.
Missleading title though.
But lots of respect to Philip for attempting it.AND while being in a competition.


In a final heat – during competition!!!


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