After the French Slalom sailors Pierre Mortefon (FRA-14) and Pascal Toselli (FRA-916) returned back to France from the PWA Slalom event in South Korea, they started to prepare for the this year´s Defi Wind longdistance race, which took place last weekend. Pascal (27) and Pierre (22) had an excellent competition week in Jinha, where they finished in 12th and 14th position. 
They both sailed in very windy conditions at Port la Nouvelle and Port Mahon in Southern France. In this clip Pierre even shows, how to rotate a Spinloop with Slalom gear. He seems to be 100% fit again after his foot injury, which gave him a hard time in the previous season. The excellent 1,51 minute long clip got filmed and edited by Robin Christol.

The Defi Wind event was unlucky with the wind. Instead of strong offshore Tramontana a onshore seebreeze and a lot of rain arrived at the beach of Gruissan . Let´s hope that the well known Tramontana offshore wind will blow in double strength in 2013. Pascal Toselli will keep the status of the best ranked sailor at the Defi Wind until 2013.