On the final day of the PWA Wave World Cup Tenerife the competitors and PWA crew headed to Siam Park for the Dunkerbeck Eyewear tow-in exhibition. Being towed into the artificial wave, the riders rotated through crazy Paskos, Shakas into Pushloops, etc. The landing though ended mostly with funny to painful looking crashes, as there was no wind. But there was no doubt about it, Ricardo Campello was the most impressive man on the water and he was the only one, who was able to control his landings.


We, of course, still prefer the real windsurfing, and thinking of all the amazing nature given windsurfing spots on the Canaries it still feels weird to move into an artificial pool, but…anyway… the video is nicely made and the competitors and the crowd seemed to be having a nice evening.


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Siam Park Tenerife


Result Dunkerbeck Eyewear Tow-in Exhibition Siam Park:

1st Ricardo Campello
2nd Robby Swift
3rd Leon Jamaer