Since Kevin Pritchard has stopped his PWA career, he focused on producing outstanding windsurfing videos. He founded Maui Nerd Productions, together with his German colleague Johannes Neumann. Recently he travelled with his team mate Graham Ezzy and Johannes to Baja California and California for their new project: “Tourists of the sea”. Now, they have released a first trailer and more will follow!


We asked Kevin Pritchard a few questions concerning his latest project:


C7: What’s the main goal of your new project “Tourists of the sea”?

Kevin Pritchard: Put out a sweet video for everyone to enjoy!


C7: For how long were you working on it?

Kevin Pritchard: We have been taking our time with this one. Since May we have done the filming. Our Post production has been taking some time. 


C7: Did you use expensive camera equipment?

Kevin Pritchard: No… 🙂 Of course. I am a gear toy lover. We used the Fs700 to film with most of the time. 


C7: At which spots did you sail and film?

Kevin Pritchard: Baja and two spots in California. 


C7: When are you planning to release the clips?

Kevin Pritchard: I hope soon. Johannes is working on the edit now. So we will see. He has been busy. So usually it takes a while, plus he is a perfectionist which really takes a while. But you can tell by the teaser that he is very good at what he does. 


C7: What’s the main content in your videos?

Kevin Pritchard: Windsurfing… That’s it. No lifestyle, no arty stuff that I normally really like, just windsurfing.


Tourists of the Sea ft. Graham Ezzy & Kevin Pritchard