Pismo Beach is a little town with approximately 7500 inhabitants located at the Pacific at the famous highway 101, around 2.5 hours north of Los Angels downtown. Kevin Pritchard & Johannes Neumann travelled for episode three for the Tourists of the Sea to the beaches around Pismo Beach.

“Windsurfing, discovery, fun, photos, stopping the car in the middle of the road to take pictures, that is the joy of being a tourist. This time we find a sweet little sailing spot near Pismo Beach. Check it out.” Kevin Pritchard

Watch the third “Tourists of the Sea” Maui Nerd Production. It’s a really dynamic film with excellent music and great action in good wave conditions just near-by the mega city. It’s always fun watching Kevin or Graham free-windsurfing in waves. They hit the lips precisely and make windsurfing look so easy. Thumbs up for that clip to the Maui Nerds Kevin Pritchard & Johannes Neumann, Graham Ezzy and Brian Caserio! All the graphics and editing has been done by Johannes Neumann.


Kevin Pritchard and Graham Ezzy ride waves at Pismo Beach, California

Camera: Kevin Pritchard // Brian Caserio // Graham Ezzy
All graphics & editing: Johannes Neumann