Tony Mõttus, freestyle windsurfer from Estonia, released a new video from his actual home spots in Vietnam, where he has set up the “Vietnam Surf Camping” together with his girlfriend. The spot offers a lot of different conditions, from flat water to reef breaks. Tony rides at My Hoa “Lagoon”, My Hoa “Outer Reef”, My Hoa “Skatepark”, My Hoa “The Split”, “My Hoa “Ali Baba”, My Than “South Island” and Hang Rai “The Stairs”.

A few well known riders, especially from Germany or the Netherlands, visited Tony during the last two winters and tested the conditions. That’s the period, when the northeast Monsoon is fully on (November until April) and the bigger swells hit the coast, too. It looks like the lagoon is quite shallow and it’s important to choose the right tide and use short fins. When the waves are breaking at the reefs, you can get world class wave conditions. It’s definitely worth a winter trip to discover your favorite spot!! My Hoa is located near Vinh Hai in the Ninh Thuan Province, just half way from Mui Ne to Nha Thrang.

That’s my collection from the last two years when we started to run Vietnam Surf Camping. I am mainly riding the spots in front of our center and camping, but also sail in some wave or bump&jump spots nearby. That’s one of the beauties of this place. You can shred all sort of conditions in short distance. Tony Mõttus

Tony Mõttus presents his favorite freestyle and wave windsurfing spots in Vietnam

Filmed by: July Diep, Leonardo Cas, Davy Scheffers, Julian Soeder, Valentin Boeckler, Julian Wiemar & Phong