Tony Mõttus is a very passionate freestyle windsurfer. He spent the whole summer on Fuerteventura and tried to make it to Risco del Paso every day. We filmed with Tony, too and must say that he really rips. Tony trains all moves in both directions and loves to take the ramps on the open sea to rotate through wild air moves.

After a few years with heavy knee injuries Tony is fit again and fully motivated to push his personal level in freestyle windsurfing. After Fuerteventura he travelled to Tarifa, Europe’s wind city, where the Estonian will spend the whole winter.

“Here it is – Tony Mac Windsurfing Vol.1. Be sure to tune in with some proper bass. Thanx Penny for playing it last night at the Closing Party. For sure there were a bunch of kids out there and you never know, it might have given a extra push to some of them – to go out there and sail more. For me windsurfing is just so sick and if I could spread it and inspire somebody it makes me even more happy. Thanks my sponsors and family for making my windsurfing dream possible. Thank you!” Tony Möttus


Tony Mõttus with crazy freestyle action from Fuerteventura’s south

Camerawork: Jacek, Valentin, Christofer