Timo Mullen (IR-69), who lives in England at Poole,  almost missed the birth of his second daughter. Wind and waves were so perfect. It´s a situation, which can only happen to a super addicted windsurfer like Timo is. Read his words about his special day and watch the little videoclip. By the way big congrats to you and your wife getting a second daughter in your clan!!!


The 29th November 2011 was a very special day for Timo and the Mullen family, this date marked the birth of Timo and Zani’s second daughter Pixi Mullen! Pixi was born at 7.53pm weighing in at 7Lbs, both Zani and Pixi are doing great with a very proud Timo and Skye waiting at home for them both. Timo had a pretty eventful day: 2 great windsurfing sessions at 2 different spots 5 minutes from his house. With no sign of any baby news at 4pm Timo and PWA Event Manager Hugo Lewis went for a late surf at a rarely surfed local spot. On returning to his car at 4.50pm Timo saw he had 10 missed calls from his wife!! Uh oh, one high speed journey to the Maternity hospital saw Timo arrive just in time to be by his wifes side to witness the birth of their second daughter Pixi…cutting it fine??? Just a little bit Timo!!!!


Special Day from Tam Mullen on Vimeo.