Watch a short clean clip of Timo Mullen’s last trip to Ireland on February 26. The wind was pretty offshore, when Timo was riding these nice left handers in Ireland.


“It has been a pretty cold winter in Ireland, most of the big low pressure systems have had snow as well as the usual big waves and wind. The cold weather really does make the wind in Ireland pretty unstable and gusty. I made this trip to the West Coast to hunt out a perfect point break that only works on huge swells and very specific wind and tides. I booked my flight at 23.30 the night before I flew meaning just 2 hours sleep before I grabbed the red eye flight from the UK to Ireland. I arrived at the break at 1pm to be greeted by small, but perfect waves but the wind was that 5 degrees too offshore to be sailable. I was gutted!!! I drove off for 20 minutes to check another beach break nearby but still I wanted to try the point break as the waves would be getting better all day. Sure enough on driving back the wind had swung just enough to sneak out, but it was really light and still really offshore. Every time I have sailed this spot I’ve always needed my biggest wave board, my Starboard 94 Quad. It is a life saver here but for sure I’d love to take this spot on with a smaller board as the wave is so fast and perfect a smaller board would be ideal! My father gave me a lift to the spot and got behind the camera to catch some video in between the snow showers. Hope you like the video!” Timo Mullen